Original Movie Poster "MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE" by
Stephen King EXTREMELY RARE, Only ONE like it in
Existance   40 x 27 inches
$13,995.00 plus $150.00 S&H INSURED UPS
Vintage Version 40 x 27 inches  $1750.00 plus
$55.00 S&H Insured Shipping
-All Extremely RARE VINTAGE
MOVIE POSTERS Shown on this
page are in"AAA"Flawless Mint
Original condition
They are mounted and Shrink
Wrapped on double walled
cardboard and will be shipped flat
in a cardboard box. These Old
Unique Movie Posters will be
Insured Courier Delivered
"GHOSTBUSTERS"   Rare Vintage  Poster. Starring Bill
Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver 40 x 27
inches     $1299.99 plus $55.00 Courier Insured
ORIGINAL ONE of a KIND, "LADY and the TRAMP"  Movie Poster
1955 Printed for the Walt Disney Company by One Stop Posters .This Poster
is FLAWLESS not a mark on it. It has been carefully mounted on cardboard and
Shrink Wrapped. Other than Mickey himself this is probably the most
recognized and loved movie Produced by The Walt Disney Company.
Truly a very important piece of DISNEY HISTORY. The poster is 28 inches high
by 22 inches wide  $53,900.00 plus $450.00 S&H UPS INSURED DELIVERY
All POSTERS on        
this page are
NO Fakes, NO    
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Original Extremely Rare Movie Posters
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GOSPEL ACCORDING TO VIC: Original Extremely Rare Vintage
Movie Poster, 1986, Starring Tom Conti and Helen Mirren (
Possibly the only one in Existence ) 38 x 22 inches $1600.00 plus
$55.00 Insured Delivery
WYATT EARP: Original Rare Vintage Movie Poster,
1994, Starring Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid and
Gene Hackman, 39 x 26 inches,  $395.00 plus
$55.00 Insured Delivery
ARMED AND DANGEROUS: Original Rare Vintage Movie
Poster, 1986, in Perfect Condition Starring John Candy, 38
x 27 inches $395.00 plus $55.00 Insured Delivery
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial: Rare Vintage version
Printed by MCA & Pepsi for the Video Release,
1982, 32 x24 inches. Mounted on cardboard
and Shrink Wrapped. Perfect Condition,
$1995.00 plus $55.00 insured Courier Delivery
ONE GOOD COP: Extremely Rare Vintage  Mylar
Movie Poster Banner.
42 x 29 inches; 1991, Starring Michael Keaton and
Rene Roussel Probably One of a kind. $1939.00
plus $55.00 insured Courier delivery
MY FAMILY, "MI FAMILIA". Rare Original Old Poster (all others
on the web are copies) 39 x 27 inches,1994 Starring. Esai
Morales, Jimmy Smits & Edward James Olmos $695.00 Plus  
$55.00 Insured Courier Delivery
DRAGON The Bruce Lee Story: Rare Original Vintage
Movie Poster ( The Word Dragon on the poster is in
Gold) 37 x 26 inches. Starring Jason Scott Lee &
Lauren Holly  $795.00 plus $55.00 Insured Courier
TAIL LIGHTS FADE: Extremely Rare Original Vintage Movie Poster
from MOTION international
39 x 27 inches. Starring Tanya Allen, Jake Busey, Breckin Meyer
& Denise Richards. $495.00
plus $55.00 Insured Courier Delivery
THE KILLING FIELDS: Extremely Rare Original Vintage
Movie Poster 39 x 27 inches. Starring Sam Waterston,
Haing S. Ngor, Craig Nelson & John Malkovitch
(1984) some scotch tape damage on the edges
$15,000.00 plus $150.00 Insured Courier Delivery

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